What I offer

Picking up the phone when you’re concerned about your child is a big step, especially if you are not sure yourself what the problem is, or you don’t know what to expect from treatment.

Listed below are some conditions which bring many of my clients to me   – however every child presents differently even with the same diagnosis. This may be the starting point, but we want to find out and clear is what’s stopping your child from learning, being  relaxed, happy and successful in their daily lives.

Dyslexia and other reading, writing, and spelling difficulties.

If your child presents signs of Dyslexia, they need an assessment and programme that is tailored to them. Dyslexia may have the same name but the problems children encounter can be very different for each child. I will create a programme to help give your child the skills they are missing for them to become successful readers and writers. I can work with your child, or I can set you up with a home programme. In teaching underachieving and struggling learners, I had to learn the most effective ways to engage them and help them find ways to be successful.


If your child is suffering from anxiety it can show in many different ways. Anxiety can include stomach aches, sleep problems, and avoidance of anything new or challenging. Even conditions such as OCD, eating disorders, self-harming and depression can be caused by anxiety. It’s often extremely difficult for an anxious child to express their fears and feelings in words, and I use a variety of modalities as tools of communication to help your child explain what they are experiencing.


Does your child challenge you? Or push your trigger buttons? Managing the unique behaviours of each child is the challenge of being a parent, and it’s easy to get caught in the trigger-reaction dynamic of difficult behaviour. Sometimes it’s a traumatic situation that sets off a pattern of negative behaviour, and other times it’s a pattern of behaviour like sibling rivalry that snowballs.

It can feel like discipline is a constant drain on a parent’s energy, and yet we all know that it is our role as parents to set boundaries. So it is important to have a style of ‘discipline’ that suits your personality and also guides your child. It’s easy for a quiet peaceful mother who prizes harmony to be overwhelmed by a high-energy, impulsive child who loves adventure! I have a number of strategies I can help you with to achieve ease and confidence in your relationship with your child, and also realise your vision for your family life.

Making  an Appointment

Find out about me and how I work

If you are concerned about your child, please feel free to call me on 027 494 1102 for a 10 minute consultation to discuss your child’s issue and for you to decide if you’d like to make an appointment. You are also welcome to email me outlining your concerns.

What happens in a session

Having you the parent present in every session makes a real difference. Your involvement speeds up the process, and gives you insight and understanding about how to provide ongoing support at home.

This is change based work and we begin the process in the first session. Typically children have between 2-5 sessions.


Each session is 1.5 hour long and fee is $125.

Choosing the best practitioner for your child

I know that finding the right person to help is important, and as part of my assessment, I will happily refer you on to other specialists if I think it will be beneficial.