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Spelling Mats $45 (plus P+P)

using spelling matsThink of this as ‘whole body spelling’ -a perfect example of the power of a kinesthetic activity. The mats measure 1 m by 650 mm so that the students actually step on the letters to make words.

Some examples of how to use it:

Identifying individual sounds in words. Call out sounds for students to step on.
The student spells the word the teacher has given, by stepping on the sounds in the correct order eg cat, desk, drink
The teacher has a word in mind, and calls out the sounds one by one. At each new sound, ask the student “what do you have so far?” eg. d, r (- dr), i – (dri), n – (drin), k – (drink)
This develops the skills of blending sounds, develops memory, and dramatically increases retention of what they are learning.

These mats have a breakthrough effect on children who are ‘stuck’ or when they know their sounds but don’t use that knowledge. They are made of durable material measuring 650mm x 1000mm and suitable for sustained classroom use or at home.

To find out more about the kinesthetic learning style, and whole body learning, read a great FREE ARTICLE HERE or contact us.