Key Signs

Here are some key signs that your child’s well-being is being affected. If you notice any of these behaviours or attitudes, please feel free to call or email me to discuss your concerns.

  1. A once confident child is anxious and withdrawn
  2. A potentially bright performer struggles to read and write;
  3. Another is simply unhappy, isolated from friends and peers at school, sometimes through a diagnosed disorder, such as OCD or learning difficulties.
  4. A recent or past event has affected your child’s learning ability
  5. As a caring parent you just know something is not quite right, whether it’s with their health, self-esteem, or relationships.

I am a parent too, and even though my children are now in their 20’s, I know what it’s like to feel that heart-wrenching worry about a child, and what a difference it makes to find solutions.

Call me or email me if you want to know whether I can help your child – a 10 minute phone consultation will tell us what steps to put in place next.

We reach an outcome in every session. While there may be separate issues to deal with, your child will leave the session feeling lighter, and happier.